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Updates on the COVID-19 crisis

Leuven-based cybersecurity company Sweepatic provides free help to the health care sector

Posted in COVID-19 on Jun 04, 2020

Targeted cybercrime against healthcare providers and medical institutions has increased since the coronavirus outbreak. More than ever it is necessary to maintain excellent cybersecurity. Cybersecurity company Sweepatic offers a free platform license to help hospitals in these challenging times.

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Most scale-ups expect to get through the coronacrisis (article in Dutch)

Posted in COVID-19 on May 06, 2020

Less than one in five Belgian scale-ups is worried about his survival, according to a survey by Deloitte. In the long term, according to many, corona can even be a positive turning point.

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Innov8ᴰᴵᴳᴵᵀᴬᴸ | Business as (un)usual

Posted in COVID-19 on May 04, 2020

A month ago, our daily lives changed drastically due to COVID-19. All non-essential activities were canceled, which led to companies and organisations reinventing themselves. At AFT, we believe that sharing knowledge and encouraging innovation is essential at all times – especially times like these....

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Survey: what does your startup/scale-up need during COVID-19?

Posted in COVID-19 on Apr 28, 2020

What does your startup/scale-up need during COVID-19? It is clear that the impact of COVID-19 on our economy is enormous. City of Antwerp is currently working on a recovery plan for the Antwerp economy. This plan focuses, among other things, on startups and scale-ups. To find out how COVID-19 has im...

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Orange now offering Highfive videoconferencing service

Posted in COVID-19 on Apr 24, 2020

More than ever, Orange is on your side to support your business during these unprecedent times. To help you better connect and collaborate with colleagues and partners, Orange and Highfive have teamed up to offer you Highfive videoconferencing service through July 31, 2020. Awarded by TMCnet as Comm...

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Measures from PMV against the impact of the corona virus (article in Dutch)

Posted in COVID-19 on Apr 23, 2020

Many Flemish companies have to deal with the coronavirus, or with the consequences of the measures taken to contain the virus. The economic impact is considerable. Here you will find an overview of the financial and other resources that PMV is using to help alleviate the economic suffering for the c...

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Startup Growth in Uncertain Times webinar on Thursday, April 30 at 3 pm London time.

Posted in COVID-19 on Apr 23, 2020

While navigating a startup through the reefs, founders and CEOs often face such challenges as lack of resources, time and expertise inside of a team and many more. A quick response to the new reality is critical. That is why Sigma Software has prepared a webinar with experienced entrepreneurs from t...

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A survey among Belgian startups paints a bleak post COVID-19 picture; 50% says they’ll run out of cash by September

Posted in COVID-19 on Apr 21, 2020

It remains very much to be seen what the exact impact of the coronavirus outbreak will be on the technology industry and global startup ecosystems, right in the middle of the crisis. That will be a big topic and subject for plenty of analysis when the numbers are reported in later times, by us and o...

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Allied For Startups: COVID-19-STARTUP TOOLBOX

Posted in COVID-19 on Apr 20, 2020

Startups have much potential, but they are also smaller and more fragile economic actors. As such, it is important to ensure that they have everything they need to weather the economic impact of the covid-19 outbreak. For that reason, we have crowdsourced a number of measures with our members that c...

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Now is the time to do more than save our country’s legacy

Posted in COVID-19 on Apr 15, 2020

Startups and scaleups are drivers of innovation and important job creators. They play a crucial role in any country wanting to ensure its future economic well being, especially in challenging times like today. That is why, in a joint initiative, the Belgium startup ecosystem calls on federal and reg...

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The Big Bounce - June 2, 2020

Posted in Startup News, Experts, Growing, COVID-19 on May 25, 2020

After a record breaking first edition (Veerkracht), we are very happy to announce a second edition of this online networking event: The Big Bounce. Together with Conversation Starter, we want to invite all innovative Belgian entrepreneurs to bounce around and boost business on Tuesday, June 2 starti...

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The Big Question

Posted in Startup News, Growing, Fundraising, COVID-19 on May 05, 2020

Pressing questions to top tier stakeholders of the startup and scale-up ecosystem. A series of Videos by |

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Startups are the heroes of today (article in Dutch)

Posted in Startup News, COVID-19 on Apr 30, 2020

Discover the open letter SupportourStartups and published today in De Tijd. We are convinced that thanks to tech and startups we are winning this social dystopia, but are risking to loose plenty of growth companies due to business development challenges. It will be thanks to startups’ a...

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Veerkracht, the online networking event for innovative Flemish entrepreneurs

Posted in Startup News, COVID-19 on Apr 28, 2020

We would like to invite you for VEERKRACHT, an online networking event organized by Conversation Starter in collaboration. with |

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Give the real, healthy startups a fair chance to survive corona (article in Dutch)

Posted in COVID-19 on Apr 23, 2020

With the Support our Startups-initiative, hundreds of Belgian startups sounded the alarm at the beginning of April. In the Netherlands, the government quickly released an emergency package of 100 million euros in bridging loans. The Belgian government needs to spend a portion of the resources to sup...

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