Faqbot, creator of a new automated, personalized chatbot platform, has announced a seed round of €340.000 led by influential Belgian business angels. Launched in 2017, Faqbot enables companies to build an automated helper bot - chatbot - quickly, easily and cost-effectively, without coding.

Faqbot is an advanced customer support technology that automatically transforms companies' FAQ pages into chatbot content. The startup behind the technology was created and founded by Mathis André, an 18-year-old French high school dropout, and Denny Wong, 43, a Malaysian living in Belgium.

The initial investment round included Jean Zurstrassen (Keytrade bank / Skynet), Harold Mechelynck (Ogone), Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppens (Netlog / Twoo), Dominique Wroblewski (Yakarouler / Grossbill) and Seeder Fund. They were later joined by Sebastien D'Hondt, Norbert Müller, Regis D'Hondt, Davy Kestens (Sparkcentral) and two other private investors.

Chat is becoming mainstream as the smartphone becomes ubiquitous and the preferred device for consumers to interact with companies online, and as more users adoptMessenger, WhatsApp and many other text-based messaging platforms. Faqbot is riding at the forefront of this digitalization trend and working to make automation through software and machine learning (artificial intelligence) accessible to companies.

"We’re on to something big and will continue to make cool things. This money will allow us to further improve our product, fine-tune our product to market fit and accelerate sales", says the young CEO, Mathis.

"Faqbot is founded by two promising entrepreneurs building some interesting new technology and I’m pleased to participate in this journey with them", Davy Kestens, business angel and co-founder of Sparkcentral, adds.