There are many reasons why you should join Tech Startup Day on March 15th. Here is our top 5

1. Stay on the innovation radar 

Tech Startup Day brings together over 1000 attendees - ranging from the hottest Belgian startups to corporate decision makers and public sector officials - for a day full of high level networking, fascinating discussions and groundbreaking discoveries.

2. Think big and empower yourself

Are you bootstrapping your startup? Then Tech Startup Day is the right place for you to get inspired by experienced entrepreneurs. If you are managing a fast growing startup, the conference will fuel your growth with the right connections and unmissable new insights. For corporates and public-sector officials, Tech Startup Day is the place to build bridges and to discover winning solutions.

Check out this interview with one of the Tech Startup Day's inspirational speakers, Matt Van Niekerk from SettleMint

3. Set your course and take part in our inspiring sessions! 

Whether you choose for "Scaling up: Going Global",  "Access to talent" or "Best practices in startup cities", Tech Startup Day makes sure you take a head start! 

4. Let your business shine

Startup Village is Tech Startup Day's main networking hotspot. Walk around and mingle with the brightest innovators and the hottest Belgian startups. Meet the nominees and winners of Tech Startup Day Awards.

"We organize Tech Startup Day Awards to celebrate our Belgian tech talent", explains Karen Boers, Managing Director of

Check out this interview with Aline Muylaert from CitizenLab, the startup that was named Belgium's 'Student Startup of the Year' at Tech Startup Day 2017. Besides, Aline has recently been selected in Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

5. Pay back community 

Free some of your time and support those who are just starting their entrepreneurial journey or those in need of expert advice. Tech Startup Day offers all the facilities you need, and is without any doubt the best place to do this.

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