Showpad announced they have closed a $50 million funding round led by Insight Venture Partners and assured this is only the beginning. Founded in 2011, Showpad activates the business content worldwide. Besides, it believes that content can only live up to its potential if it can be shared, spread, and used in the right places at the right time with the right audience.

Knowing that approximately 70% of content created by marketing is wasted, Showpad is determined to win the struggle with its content activation platform. “We are incredibly proud of our product and the value it delivers to businesses around the globe. With Showpad, we wanted to bring simplicity and joy of use to enterprise software”, state PJ & Louis, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Showpad.

Over the last year, Showpad has seen amazing growth in their offices in Ghent, London and San Francisco. Inevitably, the newly-received funding will boost it even more. The company aims at expanding the team and accelerating investments in their infrastructure, product and customer service. “We are only getting started ...” claim PJ & Louis and resolutely add to it, “We want to make sure we can provide our customers with the awesomeness they deserve in every corner of this planet.”

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