The City of Antwerp has officially opened its new startup hub ‘StartupVillage’ this week. 6 promising Antwerp startups and 1 accelerator take office in the freshly renovated building in de Lange Gasthuisstraat. 

In order to get a spot in the - very affordable and beautifully renovated - StartupVillage building, Playpass, Datylon, EyeSee, Senso2Me, POM, SurveyAnyPlace and Netwerk Ondernemen had to pass a rigorous selection procedure.

The building behind StartupVillage (that hosts the Imec research center, The CoFoundry incubator, Startup CityCubes and events lounge De Serre) opened last year. The renovated StartupVillage building followed earlier this week. The companies that were selected can stay there for a maximum of three years.

"Startup Village must become a place where scale-ups can grow and internationalize," says mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever. "Rolling out network infrastructure and fiber optic cables alone are not enough; a city must also support creative entrepreneurs with guts and new ideas. By offering StartupVillage, we want to become a magnet for digital and technological innovation."

These are the six growth companies (and one accelerator) that took office in the new building:

· Playpass develops technology for cashless payments and automated access control at mass events such as music festivals.

· Senso2Me enables home-dwelling by processing sensor technology linked to emergency alarms in the home of elderly people.

· POM is an app that allows digital and paper invoices to be paid easily and securely via a smartphone.

· SurveyAnyplace is an online software platform that allows users to easily conduct surveys and quizzes.

· Datylon makes datasets understandable and transparent, translating them into attractive visualizations.

· EyeSee measures the impact of ads and marketing through the tracking of eye movements and facial expressions, coupled with surveys.

· Netwerk Ondernemen is a network of business executives who provide a long-term, high-quality guidance to starters that establish or take over companies.