As 2017 approaches, here is a round-up of insights proposed by accelerators Beta-i, Tetuan Valley, NestaLenard, Allied for Startups, Techstars and Bethnal Green in their report Acceleration in Europe:

Going transnational seems especially hard within a fragmented Europe but startups are born global so going beyond borders is central for fostering acceleration. Supporting umbrella organisations like the European Startup Network and similar initiatives is a big step to strengthen Europe’s position as an international hub for startups worldwide.

How about accelerating overlooked markets and regions? Last few years saw an increase in the number of accelerators that often favour the usual suspects. Since the European startup ecosystem is not homogeneously present across areas, why not incentivizing accelerators to tackle that diversity? 

Accelerating policy-making is a must. The European economy of startups needs the help of the accelerators and nonprofit organisations voicing the interest of entrepreneurs. There are many initiatives to get startups needs to the policy-making ground, such as the startup and scale-up manifestos. Accelerators have an important role to play since they can keep pushing these needs and have the knowledge, network and motivation to help with the design startup-friendly policies.

Facilitate the corporate and startup collaboration is also a principal concern. Establishing bridges between these two worlds is essential not just for the growth of Europe’s startup economy but also for innovation and increased competitiveness in long-established industries. 

Entrepreneurial education needs to get in motion and accelerators can work together with universities on specific challenges such as this one and overall, supporting the embedding of a culture of entrepreneurship across the education sector via other measures. In the report, a redesign of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is proposed as a tool for exploring this area.

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These are just some of the points mentioned by the team behind Acceleration in Europe document. See the insights, concrete actions planned and more by downloading the report for free (pro tip: you can get it together with the AccelerateNow! 2016 report).