Accenture is looking for startups in people mobility to partner for innovation!

Facing many market disruptions in different industries and societal challenges that surpass specific areas of expertise, it’s time to develop convergence models to boost innovation. This would allow for different perspectives on these challenges as well as opportunities to develop synergies and cross-fertilization across industries.

In such collaborative projects, startup teams can benefit from the marketing and sales experience, infrastructure and general support processes of bigger companies. At the same time, these mature enterprises can benefit from agile methodologies, customer focus and bigger market responsiveness, typically found in startups and fast-growing tech companies.

The Belgian team is therefore launching a call for startups, willing to partner in such innovation projects. The topic of this call ispeople mobility. We all spend a massive number of unproductive hours in traffic. Any company with products or services that somehow help solve this issue – even if it’s from an unexpected angle – is invited to apply.