“We started 5 months ago in Belgium and have already 1000 doctors using our website to find new patients and manage their practice on a daily basis,” says co-founder and CEO Sylvain Niset. Recently the Belgian startup Doctoranytime raised a new €1M funding round from business angels.

Doctoranytime is not just a doctor directory where people can find a doctor. The platform helps patients to find the most suitable doctor for them in terms of experience, specialty, cost, proximity and also eliminates the hassle of calling many doctors in a row to find the quickest spot.

“Now it’s just a matter of accelerating the shift in the market”

“Doctoranytime is targeting a huge untapped market,” believes Sylvain Niset, who previously was the first manager of the Belgian startup Take Eat Easy. Belgium is way behind countries like France when it comes to online medical appointments. Belgian laws oblige practitioners to start digitlizing medical records of their patients but nobody has yet taken the lead on this.

But what is a big business opportunity is equally a biggest challenge

“By fully integrating the medical booking process, we are able to improve the patient/doctor relationship” Sylvain Niset comments. “The biggest challenge lies not into convincing patients to use our platform but mainly into convincing doctors to go online. This requires a lot of field work from our team,” he adds.

The underlying drive of the startup is to consolidate its leadership position in the Belgian market  

The company plans to invest this money to further develop and improve the product: adding more features and catering doctors’ requirements. “With this new funding, we will hire new business developers and start targeting bigger organizations such as hospitals,” Sylvain Niset reveals his plans. Doctoranytime already employs more than 40 people in Belgium and Greece, where the R&D of the company takes place. The team will further grow after the new funding.