On June 2nd, Andaman 7 has secured the Agoria e-Health Award for the best mobile health project.

Andaman7 is a free mobile application for synchronized health records. The medical files can be shared freely and in a secure manner to optimize the communication between doctor and patient and the medical diagnosis. Practically Andaman7 allows to create one or multiple "medical records" (height, weight, medical history, allergies, etc ...) and share it with the "circle of trust" (parents, nurses, doctors, family, friends, etc.). It has a log in order to encode notes or vaccine reminders. It is also possible to link all of its connected objects (shows fitness, balance, meter, etc.) to the service. The application provides fast, direct and secure access to health records and makes it possible to save precious time thanks to a multi-directional, transparent exchange with the individuals involved in the welfare of the patient.

In November 2014, Vincent Keunen created the company A7 Software, owner Andaman7, its first product. After more than three years of development and a year of existence, the 100% free application is now available on Google Play or the App Store.

Andaman 7 has also invested into exploring international horizons while taking part in Startups.be delegations to Le Web in 2014, 4YFN and SXSW in 2016.