The City of Antwerp, and partners such as EY, Port of Antwerp, Synergrid and Digipolis join forces to organize the third edition of Antwerp Startup Fair, the job fair for anyone interested in buying from or working for a startup. 

More than 50 startups and 500 potential jobseekers signed up for the event. Antwerp Startup Fair takes place on Wednesday 18 April from 1 to 8 pm in Bluepoint, Filip Williotstraat 9 in Berchem. 

In the early afternoon, from 1 to 3 pm, Antwerp Startup Fair kicks off with matchmaking sessions between large companies such as (the members of) Synergrid and Port of Antwerp, and a series of carefully selected Belgian startups. This part of the event is only accessible by invitation. 

From 3 to 8 pm the doors of Antwerp Startup Fair open up to a wide audience of jobseekers and interested companies. More than 50 startups offer job vacancies, ranging from it developers to marketers and people with a sales profile. In addition, these companies are open to applicants, job students and interns. 

"Working for a startup guarantees that you work in an innovative and dynamic environment", says Frederik Tibau, content director at "As an employee, you get the chance to grow together with the company and to build it from scratch, the structures are less hierarchical than in large companies, and the tasks are often less defined, you jump in where necessary and you get experienced in different domains, from business development to finance to marketing." 

Startups also provide employment. For example, digital startups have already created over 50,000 new jobs in our country over the past few years, and recent studies have shown that up to 95 percent of young businesses will recruit new people in the coming year. 

However, the search for the right talent is not easy. Antwerp Startup Fair wants to help facilitate the process in an effective and pleasant way. also launched a new, AI- powered job platform that intelligently links jobseekers and startups looking for talent to tackle this issue.

Join us at Antwerp Startup Fair!