IPee, an Antwerp manufacturer of innovative sensor technology for the sanitary world, launches in China. Following a strong representation via the wholesale channel in several European countries, the company now also develops its activities in the East. The kick-off was given last Tuesday on Kitchen & Bath China 2018, the annual high mass for the kitchen and sanitary industry in Shanghai. 

IPee finds its first strategic partner in the HCG, the third largest manufacturer of bathroom products for the public sector in China. The companies sealed their partnership with the launch of their first range of products, for which HCG produces the ceramics and IPee delivers the integrated sensor technology. The official launch took place in presence of the Chinese press, including Tencent, which live-broadcasted this solemn moment.

Jan Schoeters, CEO of IPee: "This partnership not only puts our products, but also our brand position in the Chinese market. Given the current partnership that HCG has with Panasonic, it is for us a huge added value to be considered as an equal partner."

Sam Lu, General Manager of HCG: "The collaboration with IPee offers new opportunities in our business development. By adding this qualitative technology in our products, HCG can contribute significantly to the Chinese toilet revolution, of which even President Xi Jinping makes a priority. "

The patented technology made in Belgium forms the basis of various products, of which the urinal flushing system is only a start. IPee invests in the development of innovative products and applications such as self-regulatory flushing systems and intelligent sanitary ware with IoT-applications allowing optimization of water savings and facility management.

In view of the expansion of its activities in the Asian market, IPee opened an office in Singapore nine months ago, with the support of the city of Antwerp. The company got that support because of the large growth potential and strong business plan. With the start of the exports to China, IPee now takes the next step in its Asian adventure.