Sign2Pay won nearly half the votes for the MPE Corner Award 2015 with 600 payment experts and key decision makers voting. The Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference, already in its eighth edition, is Europe's premier event on merchant payments, including mobile, online and in-store payments. The conference attracts industry leaders from American Express, PayPal, ABN AMRO, MasterCard, Shell, Discover, Carrefour, and Total, among others.

Signature Technology
Sign2Pay was lauded for its development of the most secure way of authenticating payments on touchscreen devices. By analyzing the 12,000 plus data points in a single signature, Sign2Pay can immediately authenticate a purchase.

Awarded for the Fast Mobile Checkout

Last year's winner, ScanPay, was bought by PayPal and garnered interest from Uber and McDonald's. This year the honor of the prestigious FinTech startup award went resoundingly to Sign2Pay.

"Merchants want to increase online sales and process debit cards quickly. Consumers are looking for ways to reduce the challenges of making payments with their mobile. Our signature technology is a de facto biometric authentication; it happens in real time, eliminates the need to remember pin codes or hunt for a card reader and reduces shopping cart abandonment," said Nicolas Mertens, CEO and Co-Founder of Sign2Pay. "We are grateful for the enthusiastic acknowledgment by industry leaders in Europe and thank the organizers and participants of the Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference for this honor."

By Gabriela Fern├índez Scala