The jury, composed of bankers and investors, was impressed by the presentation of the Belgian company. The scale-up provides the ability to easily manage expenses through a digital platform.

At the European FinTech Awards & Conference, 300 of the most innovative FinTech companies from Europe come together with investors, banks and entrepreneurs to take a look at the future of the financial sector.

In addition to lots of networking opportunities, there was some pitching action. Xpenditure rocked the stage with its pitch and captivated the audience, which led the Belgium-based company to take home the “Best of Show” award. It showed that FinTech solutions can go hand in hand with traditional banks and their challengers.

"It certainly plays to our advantage that Xpenditure addresses a real problem that everyone can relate to," says Wim Derkinderen, CCO and co-founder of Xpenditure.

FinTech Solutions and banks can work together

"We have seen it for quite a while, there is a strong demand from banks to work with Xpenditure," said Boris Bogaert, CEO and co-founder of Xpenditure.

The European FinTech Awards at ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam awarded a total of 9 awards in several subcategories. The Best-of-Show Award is an umbrella award, based on the total score of the panelists.