The machine learning company with the core expertise in the predictive model building process automatization nails down a €1M investment from Saffelberg, the VC fund of Jos Sluys (ex-Arinso).

Tangent Works was initiated in 2013 in Bratislava by the Flemish software engineer Henk De Metsenaere and the Slovaks Jan Dolinsky and Milan Garbiar. The combination of expertise in advanced machine learning knowledge and software product development allowed to come up with a breakthrough solution - companies can now generate accurate predictive models for time series analysis in seconds. This process is fully automatic, as a transparent formula is providing useful insights about the dynamics hidden in the data.

To date, the Tangent Works' customer base consists of energy companies such as the Dutch Powerhouse (Essent / Innogy). With the new investment, the startup, with offices in Slovakia and Belgium, is geared towards sector and geographic diversification. While the turnover for the next year is expected to be €1.5M.