The Belgian startup EMAsphere is an online dashboard solution designed for SME managers that facilitates the monitoring of financial and operational indicators for decision making. The processing of data specific to the company and its industry, automatically extracted from several sources including accounting, generate current key performance indicators and future in a clear, fast and interactive.

EMAsphere was established in 2013 and currently has over 15 employees involved in the management, development, communication and marketing. EMAsphere started the year 2016 with a fund raising of 2 million euros, made only from private investors. With this investment the startup plans to develop a distribution network with independent partners, both in Belgium and Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France. "We want to offer a local service and implementation times of very rapid solution to our customers. Connectors with most accounting software is ready and the tool is very intuitive, trustees and managers of SMEs will wonder how they could do without such a solution so far. " says Didier Vankeerberghen, co-CEO of EMAsphere.

By 2020, EMAsphere aims to become a reference in Europe in management solutions for SMEs with the objective to serve more than 10,000 customers on its platform.

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