Yet another #BeTech funding news!

Brussels- and Paris-based startup studio eFounders announced on Tuesday that it has raised a Series A funding round of $6 million. The sum comes from angel investor Ogel Tscheltzoff, a former partner of the studio’s co-founder, Thibaud Elziere; the two co-founded the stock photo platform Fotolia, which Adobe acquired for $800 million in December 2014. Since launching in 2011, co-founders Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans have invested in five companies, Mailjet, Textmaster, Mention, Front and Aircall, and sold one, Pressking.

With this funding, eFounders plans to accelerate its business plan. Since its inception, eFounder has created six companies that have become fully independent and raised VC rounds, and sold one startup, Pressking. Elziere told Geektime that eFounders wishes to boost its production level to four company launches per year, and six new companies by the end of 2016.

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By Gabriela Fernández Scala