Early in August, five Belgian companies as part of 80 international startups invited to Seoul for an action-packed week including pitching training, in-depth interviews, observation assessments and intensive screenings.

Through the K-Startup Challenge, KIC Europe gives #BeTech startups the ideal chance to visit an innovation hotbed and take advantage of its strategic position to explore neighboring startup hubs such as Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Tapping the Asian market

Meet the five Belgian startups that are heading to Seoul all expenses covered to gain a week of intensive training.

SocialSeeder is an innovative online platform to activate your true influencers via social media. It facilitates VIP’s, co-workers, clients, fans, partners and other influencers to seed the messages you want to bring across via social media and allows to measure the impact in full detail through a personalised dashboard.

Sentiance unlocks contextual mobile experiences by mining sensor data on smartphones, wearables and connected devices. Sentiance enables companies worldwide to tap into a new level of mobile personalization and engagement. The platform empowers companies to build behavioral profiles of connected users and enrich those profiles with personalized, predictive and context-aware services.

Appiness works on an innovation that will transform the way you interact with video and tv content.

ToonYou enables children to customize their own cartoons with pictures of their dad, mom and more!

Aztrix is a privately held company. Still small, this startup has great ambitions and believes in a future where people are given tools to manage their data in a transparent way.

Next steps

After the week training, a selected group of startups will have the possibility to extend their stay in Korea for a three-month-long acceleration program (housing and living expenses covered). The shortlisted teams will be able to connect with tech giants like Samsung, Hyundai, KT Corporation and SK Group through conferences, seminars, workshops and more networking opportunities.

In the case of joining the 3-month acceleration program, entrepreneurs will pitch at the demo day and if they nail it, their startups will rank among the top 20 receiving special prizes (up to $100K).

Stay tuned to know more!

By Gabriela Fernández Scala