Meetsies, Marjore and Browcast are the lucky ones! The three startups will get the chance to develop their businesses from Betacowork offices in Brussels.

Regardless of what kind of business you’re building, you need support. Thanks to the Betacowork Scholarship, these three selected early-stage startups will have the opportunity to boost their companies

Take a look at the selected teams:

Meetsies enables its users to host events, both for free and for a fee, and to meet other people in a friendly way. Make Meeting Friends Delicious!

Marjore is a startup in the field of diabetes care aiming to improve the healthcare experience for both patient as healthcare professional Thanks the data analysis and the application created by Marjore, people with diabetes are empowered to raise their voice and be part of the change.

Browcast is a multi-channel presentation SaaS platform, helping sales & marketing in the pharmaceutical sector to unify the users and doctors experience across all the communication channels and to improve the market insight, by centralizing all the presentations materials and simplifying the creation process, reducing drastically the meetings costs and duration with the doctors, and improving the interactivity and feedback from and to the doctors.

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