Over the last two months, the digital Belgian startups and scale ups have been very active in raising capital, according to the data presented by Omar Mohout, Growth Manager at Sirris.

The analysis covers European technology companies that have raised at least $1 million in January and February.Looking at the total capital that was raised during the same period, Belgium ends up in the sixth position with a total of €39 million. The average amount raised by Belgian startups is €2.8 million, which is although below the average of €6.7 million.

The most remarkable thing is the relationship between B2B and B2C Belgian startups that got at least 1 million," suggests Mohout. "With 71% of B2B versus 29% of B2C, Belgium is at the highest level among the European countries. Startups are very B2B-minded and are more focused on manufacturing.”

"Belgium has made an excellent start in 2016," states Mohout. "The first figures from March confirm this trend. Although the collected capital amount is lower in Belgium than in the rest of Europe - it was made by a high number of deals.