Pulse Foundation, together with key partners Agoria, EY, Imec, Sirris, Data Scouts and Universem, launches a new Belgian acceleration program. BEyond aims at tech scale-ups that show the potential and ambition to achieve success at an international level.

In contrast to many other acceleration programs, BEyond is not limited to advice and training, but offers mentoring through the experience of well-known entrepreneurs such as Duco Sickinghe (Fortino) and Xavier van Campenhout (Degroof Petercam), who have achieved successes on the international stage.

“We unite the precious expertise of real entrepreneurs and the innovative technology of our scale-ups in order to propel them to the international heights of their respective sectors”, explains general director of Pulse Foundation Paul Bosmans.

“Our mentors have proven themselves to be entrepreneurs in the world of business and are willing to give the time and energy to our scale-ups, and to share their contacts and address book that will be invaluable in a foreign country. During the course of the program, they will analyze the problems and challenges that are holding back the growth of the participants, and help them to find solutions.”

Pulse Foundation 

With the assistance of people from the great families of Belgian entrepreneurs, Pulse Foundation is committed to a durable growth in the Belgian economy. Since its formation it has participated in the creation of 1,200 expanding enterprises.

“Our goal is not to stimulate individual success, but to contribute to making our society more prosperous”, specifies Bosmans. “Our activities are philanthropic and aim to maintain the prosperity of Belgium in supporting a unified society capable of offering promising professional opportunities to the young and attracting durable investment.”

In this context and in the role of initiator, Pulse Foundation launches BEyond, together with Agoria, EY, Sirris, Data Scouts, Universem and IMEC. The program identifies the most promising technological enterprises in our country with the objective of turning them into world players. The enterprises must demonstrate a proven technology and have the ambition to grow on an international level.


Those that are looking to grow to an international level need to have sufficient finances. The BEyond program will also put scale-ups in contact with Belgian and international investors. “We will assist and advise in negotiations towards a successful call for capital”, adds Bosmans.

The enterprises that wish to participate in the program can register as from January 8th. The offer closes on February 18th. After the selection procedure, which will take place in March, the selected scale-ups will participate in an intensive bootcamp during which they will develop and prove their growth strategy.

The seminar will take place from the 27th to 29th of April. After a presentation to Belgian and international investors, the launch phase of 18 months will begin in May 2018.