Fuelled by €300K received from business angels Johnny Kegels and Lieven Stas (BAN Vlaanderen) and the Limburg Investment Company (LRM), Niceberg Studios brings graphic technology to new markets.

Niceberg Studios was founded in 2012 in Belgium. It is an integrated animation studio producing and distributing highly immersive 3D/4D attraction and ride films. The company is known for its state-of-the-art animation films "Little Dolphin", "The Great Wall of China", and the recent "Space Panda 4D".

Nicolas Verhelst, CEO of Niceberg Studiosexplains the uniqueness of their graphics, "Niceberg offers high quality CGI animations. We produce lifelike animations in stereoscopic 360° in a uniquely high visual acuity of 8K. A resolution that we are unique today not only in Europe but worldwide!"

With the new investment and expertise, the company is aimed at bringing graphic technology to new markets.

Business angel Johnny Kegels talks about great opportunities offered by immersive 3D and VR technology, “Technology is a game changer, also for markets such as life sciences, industrial building, machine building and all other sectors where product development is central. VR shows you the products of the future today. Welcome to the experience economy!”