An entrepreneur at heart, a startup founder by name and a fundraiser by performance. Does it sound familiar to you? If so, then this article about the challenges and power of fundraising is for you!

Raising capital has always been a very hot topic. Every now and then we see a wide variety of articles and videos published on the Net aiming at educating and giving investor readiness guidelines. The problem is not any lack of advice but rather the opposite. As more and more different fundraising information appears, the more difficult it becomes to scout the right content. For it has to be relevant!

To help, we, at, have prepared a series of templates and articles to guide you on how to find capital, so you as a tech entrepreneur know you’re not alone!

Also, in 2017 went fundraising offering investor readiness workshops across Belgium that embraced different elements of the fundraising process: startup valuation, slide deck components, shareholder agreement, a term sheet, and more.

Our approach was clear, the investor readiness content we provided took into account the specifics of the Belgian market and was backed by our trustworthy experts. 

The main idea was the tight connection between what the fundraising challenges are, which relevant fundraising tools exist and how to apply them.

Following the success of the previous fundraising workshops, and Business Angels Network Vlaanderen organize a new series of trainings! Taking place in Leuven and Gent, the workshops will focus on how to prepare and implement fundraising for startups. Psst! Participation in these workshops is free, so mark your calendar now!

Meanwhile, check out our handy selection of fundraising guidelines! 

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