Accelerator Digital Attraxion launches a cross-border thematic acceleration program (MoveUp) for digital projects. Here’s the latest from Wallonia and Brussels, courtesy of Regional IT.

Digital Attraxion, the Hainaut-based public startup accelerator, is preparing a 20-week long acceleration program for digital/new economy projects. The 'MoveUp' program will have several specifics, compared to other such speed-up maturation exercises.

First of all, it is open to startups whether they are based in Hainaut or not. Cross-border projects, coming from France, Flanders, Wallonia or regions further afield are welcome. Second differentiating factor: the selection will be made in collaboration with local “corporates” (among those: Technord, Lutosa, Charleroi Airport, Alstom, Fockedey Transport, Sedis Logistics).

More importantly, each of those “corporations” will spend time coaching and sponsoring one or two startup projects all the way to the end of the program. Preferred topics for the first edition: Intelligent Transport Systems and IoT & mobility.

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Stent.Care : a secure and confidential social network for the chronically ill

Kedroz was born in Mons, end of last year. Its future “product”: a secure and confidential social network for the chronically ill - whatever their disease or handicap may be. Stent.Care aims to become an alternative to the usual social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, which are opened to all winds, governed by commercial interests. Stent.Care will be set up in order to drastically protect the privacy of its members (ill persons, families, friends, health professionals…).

In order to finalize the social network development phase, Kedroz is launching a crowdfunding campaign…

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Entrepreneurial support for startups: what if we miss the point?

Startup coaching and acceleration initiatives abound and seem to take a growing number of forms. But do all these efforts really have an impact? Efficiency doesn’t always seem to be present. Carl-Alexandre Robyn, Start-Up Financial Architect at Valoro, raises the question: do we need to think about other methods, tools, target? Do we need to alter the scenario?

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Vidock: a new VR studio with a student-entrepreneur at the helm

Guillaume Depaepe, a student-entrepreneur (he is still studying Game Art at the Albert Jacquard High School in Namur) was one of the members of the Belgian delegation that, Vlega (the Flemish Games Association), and Walga (Walloon equivalent of Vlega) brought to the recent Gamescom conference in Cologne (Germany).

Guillaume Depaepe and 3 other Albert Jacquard alumni created a soon to be launched startup named Vidock. As in VIrtual Reality Dock.

Their passion and business case? VR / AR games and B2B projects. The first two games - one inspired by an old Walloon myth and another featuring a scientist-turned-…squid (!) - are in the final developing stage (for HTC Vive devices).

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