Digital Attraxion is Wallonia’s newest startup accelerator. Here’s the latest from Wallonia and Brussels, courtesy of Regional IT. 

In the province of Hainaut, about a dozen economic advisory and investment players have decided to combine their expertise - and bridge their skill gaps - to better assist digital startups along their scale-up journey.

Digital Attraxion is a new startup accelerator which will be officially inaugurated in a couple of weeks. Regional IT has met with the managing team to talk about the startup selection procedure, the type of services they will get as well as to get a sneak preview of the way the accelerator will operate.

Civadis: “If you can’t beat them…”

What could Civadis (NRB group) and startups like Rombit or LetsGoCity have in common? The answer is… a warm interest for the huge potential of ‘smart city’-projects. Civadis’ solutions could be categorized as being ‘old school/old economy’. What better way then, to stay up to date with the public-sector needs, than to beton various inventive startups and their solutions? 

 “If you can’t beat them, join - and integrate with -them”. Civadis is building commercial relationships with a few new kids on the block such as Rombit, CitizenLabBetterStreetWavenet (a somewhat more senior company) and LetsGoCity (NRB Group even took a minority equity participation in the latter). Each of them bring a specific technology or functional piece to the table, to be integrated in a more global smart city oriented solution. 

Dalberg Data Insights: big data for good

For a few years now, Brussels-based Real Impact Analytics (RIA) has been using telecom (anonymized) big data sets to develop analytics solutions for communication service providers, but also for public authorities in order to help them better understand users’ everyday behaviors and preferences. 

This same kind of big data analytics can also document the way mobility problems occur or epidemics get spread due to human behavior.

Recently, several of RIA employees decided to launch a new venture to focus on ‘data for good’ projects. In order to enrich the analytics skills and reach of the company, they partnered with strategy consulting firm Dalberg Global Development Advisors and launched Dalberg Data Insights. 

The startup’s new goal is to offer big data analytics services and solutions aimed at public authorities (both in developing and in Western countries), NGOs or United Nations agencies in order to help them solve various social-oriented issues in areas such as public health, mobility issues or food security.

By Brigitte Doucet