Following the success of EMAfinance, which uses data from the accounting system to present them in the form of interactive spreadsheets and graphs associated to KPI's, EMAsphere continues its software development by launching EMAforecast.

This advanced version allows the creation of budgets, business plans and forecast scenarios and simulates their impact directly in the income statement, more in specific with regard to revenues and estimated costs. This very comprehensive version enables SME company managers and their teams to compare the actual figures and the forecast figures throughout the year. The budget can be adjusted during the year in order to adapt the company's strategy, while constantly keeping an eye on its evolution.

”It is a highly sophisticated but also very user-friendly solution”, highlighted Hugues Vandepeutte, co-CEO and co-founder of EMAsphere. ”It has been designed for SMEs that have acquired certain experience with regard to forecasting follow up and want to manage their business activities more effectively by using a clear and relevant roadmap.

Earlier this year, EMAsphere had scored €2M in funding from private investors. By 2020, EMAsphere aims to become a reference in Europe in management solutions for SMEs with the objective to serve more than 10,000 customers on its platform.

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By Gabriela Fernández Scala