Certainly many of you have a fond memory when you read or hear the word: Erasmus, with a good reason. The programme is one of the most successful initiatives the EU has ever launched, millions of students profited from studying abroad and made lifetime friends from the continent and beyond. Why not having a similar experience as an entrepreneur?

It may not have been the main idea when the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme was designed, yet the resemblance is unmissable and the motivation to connect entrepreneurs across Europe hits the nail on the head.

New entrepreneurs

So, how can you embark on a short, entrepreneurial adventure in Europe? Let’s see! Option 1, you are one of those wannapreneurs pampering their business dreams, sketching plans and ready to get started every day, only looking for a final push. Option 2 is that you have a business which you launched in the last 3 years (here is the reference to “young” -> nothing to do with your age, only with the maturity of your enterprise), and you feel like scouting foreign markets and expand further the scope of your activities.

Cool, but how?

Read or guide how you can make your plans a reality, and start to pack your suitcase!

Host entrepreneurs

Yet it is a fascinating opportunity to explore a market, test your idea before you kick it off, or learn the skill you need to complete the big idea – it is highly possible that you are in a phase where your business requires all your sanity and presence. Good news! You can still benefit from the programme as a host entrepreneur given that you are a seasoned business shark running and owning a company for more than 3 years.

As a host entrepreneur, you can work together with a bright new entrepreneur from abroad – may he or she practice the same business as you do, or come from a totally different background you are seeking to embed in your own company, the choice is yours. The only requirement is that the programme should not be used as an internship, but rather two entrepreneurs working together, exchanging experience and discovering a different point of view or market.

Be part of it

Interested? Application is easy, all you need is a CV clearly stating that you have 3+ years of experience in the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship and a short description of your superpowers.

Europe is right here, waiting for you to explore and connect. Don’t waste a minute, be an Erasmus entrepreneur!

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