While so many business and leadership books on the market focus on what worked well, Paul Carroll is flying from San Francisco, to join us on Failing Forward and explain how those same "success" strategies can backfire - based on facts & research of once (but no longer) thriving businesses.

Paul is a former Wall Street Journal Tech Watcher and has spent the past two decades as a thought leader, focusing on innovation and, in particular, the lessons to be learned from failure.

After working with 20 researchers on a two-year investigation into 2,500 business failures; his findings (originally published in the book Billion Dollar Lessons: What You Can Learn from the Most Inexcusable Business Failures of the Last 25 Years) will be the back-bone of his talk on October 14th.

Carrol along his co-author Chunka Mui portray on their book that the number one cause of failure was misguided strategy, not poor execution, poor leaders, or bad luck. These strategies fall into seven categories:

  1. Illusions of Synergy
  2. Faulty Financial Engineering
  3. Deflated Rollups
  4. Staying the (Misguided) Course
  5. Misjudged Adjacencies
  6. Fumbling Technology
  7. Consolidation Blues

While these strategies are not guaranteed failures they are, what Carroll and Mui call, “Danger Zones”. If you are pursuing one of these strategies, you need in alert to what could go wrong, and be ready to react before your business starts flirting with disaster.

Don't be the next one making billion dollar mistakes. By joining us on Failing Forward you will find out how to spot them, maybe you can learn how to avoid them. But will you?

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