Faqbot has launched a newly redesigned platform to support its international growth.

Founded in February 2017 by an 18-year-old French high school dropout, Mathis André, and Denny Wong, 43, a Malaysian living in Belgium, Faqbot transforms companies’ FAQ page into automated chat. The platform is powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine developed by Faqbot to understand and reduce customer support volume and scale. 

Faqbot answers FAQ automatically so our team can focus on more complex customer requests", says Philibert de Looz, Customer Happiness Officer at ListMinut.

Since its launch, Faqbot has raised nearly half a million euro from prominent Belgian business angels and was backed by public funds. 

“What differentiate our AI engine is that it is optimised for frequently asked questions (FAQ) and uses latest natural language processing (NLP) technologies”, explains Mathis André, founder and CEO of Faqbot.

The redesigned chatbot platform

This launch marked the start of Faqbot’s international expansion, supported by dedicated partnerships and marketing outreach efforts for the US, the UK, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 

This new platform supports English, French and Dutch languages. It is also designed for an easy extension to support additional languages. Among other new features are: an intuitive messaging system for live chat, advanced multi-conversational flow management and more.

“Last year, we have been focusing on Belgium and worked hard to refine our product and processes. We are excited to serve customers such as Decathlon, Ricoh, BESIX, Europ Assistance, ListMinut and many other prominent brands. It is important to build a strong base. Now it is time to go international!" claims Mathis André.

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