In February 15th 2016 the first buy and sell orders of a crowdfunded security were placed on the Euronext Expert Market (Public Auction), an electronic trading platform for non-listed securities. The traded instruments are participatory notes in the Belgian company Domobios, issued by the crowdfunding platform MyMicroInvest. This first trade opens new perspectives for crowdfunding investors looking to transfer their participation to a third party in a secure and transparent environment.

MyMicroInvest has been the leader on the Belgian crowdfunding market since 2012, and has since then successfully financed 41 companies, raising €14 million in the process. Domobios, one of MyMicroInvest’s successful crowdfunding campaigns, is a healthcare company that developed an innovative dustmite trap system that has the potential to help millions of people with their allergies. After having reached profitability on the Belgian market, the startup is aspiring to expand internationally.

Euronext Expert Market is an electronic trading platform for non-listed securities that was launched on 9 December 2014. Based on Euronext’s Universal Trading Platform (UTP), Expert Market offers a transparent and secure platform for the sale of non-listed securities by public auction. Based in Belgium, this Multilateral Trading Facility is the first market of its kind in Europe to be set up by an exchange. Auctions take place every Tuesday for securities, bonds and other fixed income instruments.

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