Why not trying food cooked by talented local chefs from your neighbourhood? You don’t need to rush with groceries and cooking after work, plus meals feel like the ones at home. Did this idea cross your mind before? Or maybe you already tried this convenient home-cooked meals' solution?

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In less than 1 year time, more than 5000 foodies ordered over 7000 meals through FLAVR. The Antwerp-based startup offers an online platform, giving people the opportunity to enjoy delicious and budget-friendly meals made with love by the best local chefs. It was founded in the beginning of this year by two young entrepreneurs: Alexander Van Laer (25) and Moos Tits (28). From then on, the team grew to 8 people and became more popular in Flanders. Today, the startup announced that it raised €450K from Flemish investors and would continue developing and rolling out their ambitious growth plans in the rest of Belgium.


Volta Ventures

In March FLAVR nailed the first prize in the prestigious pitch competition, as a part of the Startups.be delegation, at South by Southwest (SXSW) in the United States. Of course it could not remain unnoticed by Flemish investors. Thus, Volta Ventures, seed & early stage venture capital for internet & software companies in the Benelux, decided to lead the funding round of €450K in the Antwerp-based startup.

"We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the team," says Frank Maene, a long standing Belgian VC, who co-created Volta Ventures. "In addition, the scalability of the business model attracted us. For example, you doesn’t need an army of the delivery personnel, as you easily pick up the meal form the cook’s home in your neighborhood."


Growth at home and abroad

The plans of FLAVR is to further expand. "Therefore we want to recruit new chefs and develop our online platform," claims CEO Alexander Van Laer. "We focus on the smaller municipalities. In contrast to big cities, there are fewer alternatives for people who don’t want to or are unable to cook on a daily basis. FLAVR also helps you in connecting with your community. When you pick up your dish at the FLAVR-chief, you also get acquainted with the person who cooked this meal. For hobby cooks this may be a test phase to grow thereafter to catering."