In Belgium, the customer is sitting comfortably on his throne. A recent study by HR service provider Securex, UGent and the employers' association NSZ/SNI reveals that for the Belgian entrepreneur (0 to 4 employees) client relationships are considered of central importance. Which makes perfect sense: your business is nothing without them. This is why many self-employed jump through hoops for their clients. What they seem less concerned about, however, is the recruitment of new employees and the use of funding mechanisms. These insights and more have been summarised in a white paper; download it now and see what you can gain from these new insights.

Good advice is priceless

Belgium has struggled over the past few years with fewer new businesses, an increased number either closing down or going bankrupt – an unfortunate consequence of the poor economic climate. And yet it is still possible for a small business to be successful. How? By paying sufficient attention to all the factors for success. And by asking for external advice on matters that you are not (yet) completely familiar with. This can only have a positive effect for the start-up, growth and innovation of your business.

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Learn from the success of others

The application of tried-and-tested knowledge is a crucial factor for success. It's important to learn from others in areas such as marketing and sales, leadership and entrepreneurship. And it's precisely in these areas that businesspeople (often those with less business training) claim to have the greatest need for support. The top five issues in which entrepreneurs feel they require a little assistance also include the topics of recruitment and


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In some aspects of business, Belgian self-employed really like to get on and do things for themselves. They like to decide for themselves which client relationships are important to maintain and how to go about doing so. They take their business plan and strategies into their own hands. And they scarcely get involved with any kind of funding mechanism or subsidy – a consequence of the complexity of lending? Recruitment is also low on their list of priorities.

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10 commandments for Belgian entrepreneurs

With such a sluggish economy, it's important to be proactive in maintaining the health of your business. These ten commandments will serve as a helpful guide in this:

  1. Keep in mind all the factors for success (see study).

  2. Aim for sustainability.

  3. Call upon the help of external advisors.

  4. Conduct market research.

  5. Look and think before you leap.

  6. Invest in client relationships.

  7. Never stop learning.

  8. Have a long-term plan.

  9. Recruit wisely.

  10. Involve your employees.

    Do business the smart way

The bar is set high these days for the Belgian entrepreneur. Thankfully, you can significantly increase your chances of success by bearing in mind the critical factors for success. Download your free copy of this study and lay the foundation for your success!