EYnovation is launching workshops to ensure that key startup's processes work in harmony. If you are running a startup, join them and put your business on track! 

What does it take for a startup to stand out? Many believe it is an innovative product. Well, right! It’s difficult to argue with that. However, all other elements, like business modeling, product/market fit, marketing and investment are as important for decisions a startup makes and, finally, for success it enjoys.

That's why each workshop, powered by EYnovation, will focus on a specific topic and will combine knowledge and experience of top experts in the fields of: innovation, business modeling, startup’s growth, strategy and investment, and will be backed with insightful case studies.

Every participant will have an opportunity to dive into the essential processes and necessary steps every startup needs to master in order to be successful and profitable.

The organizers have also prepared a nice surprise. Psst! Are you a Startups.be member? Get your ticket per workshop for €75!

We are less than 3 weeks away from the first workshop!

Understand your product/market fit and determine your ideal price!

10/03/2017 (18:00-21:00) Workshop: Product market fit – Pricing. The workshop will be run by Nick Boucart, sr technology advisor software engineering and ICT of Sirris.

Master the art of fundraising for your starup!

15/03/2017 (13:00-17:00) Workshop: Funding - Innovation Support led by two mentors. Frank Maene is Managing Partner of Volta Ventures, and Wouter Desmet who is leading the Subsidia Grants and Incentives service line of EY.

Focus on one of the most important aspects of your business: convincing others of your idea! 

21/03/2017 (18:00-21:00) Workshop: The Perfect Pitch will be led by Bart Van Loon, who is a computer science engineer turned entrepreneur.

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