W.IN.G (Wallonia Innovation and Growth) is a new investment fund for the Walloon digital startups, launched as part of the implementation of Digital Wallonia, the digital strategy of Wallonia.

The digital sector is one of the five structuring themes of Digital Wallonia. Developing digital uses of Wallonia in fact implies a strong technology sector capable of capturing and maintaining the digital value in the area. In this context, the Digital Agenda should help bring about a growth program for the digital sector companies.

The launch of W.IN.G fund is a first major step towards reaching this goal.

Investment policy

W.IN.G invests in 2 stages of development of digital startups:

  1. In pre-seed (pre-financing). The startup at the very beginning of its establishment can get from W.IN.G funding (releasable slices) of 50,000 euros, as convertible loan. This funding allows him to continue to refine its project, while riding a first round for a capital increase.
  2. The second stage of development. When the project has matured and is looking for investors, W.IN.G may act alongside private investors, during the real "first round of financing." The financial assistance may be up to 250,000 euros (optionally together with Invest), provided there is a private intervention at least equal to half of public intervention.

Submission of applications:
Just send your digital startup project via the W.IN.G. website

Once your project is deemed mature enough, you pitch before the Investment Committee within one month.

Two days later at most, you are notified if your funding request is accepted with any financing conditions.

The fund's investment committee consists of several entrepreneurs and chaired by Pierre Rion. Startups will also benefit from the expertise of a broad network of partners, including the Belfius bank as Partner in Equity. Other partners offer specific services and coaching (Deloitte, Universem, Microsoft, BNP Paribas Fortis, Citobi, the Entrepreneurship Network Wallonia Leansquare ...).

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