Datatonic was named Global Partner of the Year for the Google Cloud Platform services at an event hosted by Google partners in Las Vegas.

The Roeselare-headquartered startup has been helping companies with insights and analysis of large amounts of data. It has developed an online atlas that selects the best locations for starting a new store or business based on billions of telephone and GPS data. "To analyze large amounts of data you need power," explains co-founder and CEO Louis Decuypere. "The Google Cloud Platform automatically provides processing power to apply it on a large scale."

The technology giant dubbed the Belgian startup as the 'most innovative' and 'technically strong' partner for translating Google Cloud services into the business world.

"Our dynamic and close relationship with Google is the reason why they picked us to be the best service partner. This is an enormous boost. It gives us extra energy, but also credibility to develop new applications."

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By Gabriela Fernández Scala