How can you build a successful B2C company in your country and come up with an effective international strategy? Every entrepreneur has these topics in mind. Ruth Janssens, the co-founder and CEO of SmallTeaser, talks about these issues in the brand new ‘TechMag’ video talk show on YouTube! 

SmallTeaser is a community blogging platform where you can pick a ‘circle’ and simply write about topics that interest you or launch your own circles. The startup aims to empower passionate people and communities by providing them the opportunity to use their tools to publish their digital magazine or their news website. 

You can easily contribute articles, photos, videos where you not only reach your circles but also get rewarded with an ad-based revenue for your content. With SmallTeaser, people publish together and they earn together. 

Interested? If you want to find the answers to your queries, this is a video YOU CANNOT MISS! Click the link and watch the video.