Noël Slangen is a known figure in Flanders. He founded his own advertising company and consultancy company. The advertising company didn’t quite succeed the way he wanted to, but he learned from it. After this experience he discovered that maybe there is more talent in the company itself, so you don’t have to look for external advice. This he found out when he sold a part of his (almost) non-existing advertising company to one of his employees, who made the company more successful than ever.

Noël had a clear opinion on the problem of failing in Belgium. The way failing is looked at by the government and banks, disrupts the opportunity to start again. After failing, these institutions just don’t believe in you anymore. Noël is convinced that this has to chance and the banks, government and clients should take the first step to make this chance.

You can found out more details on Noëls journey below: 

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