The Belgian vc pioneer Hummingbird Ventures brought together €80 million for a new fund run by Barend Van den Brande. It’s the third time that the archetypical Belgian vc raises money to invest in tech companies.

The Belgium-based fund has already gone through several transformations. Funded in the year 2000 as the early stage vc Big Bang Ventures, the fund pivoted to Hummingbird Ventures in 2010. Three years ago, Hummingbird Opportunity Fund was launched (that invested quite a few times in Turkey), and now Hummingbird Ventures III is starting its activities.

Focusing on high‐growth technology company’s active in SAAS, fintech, healthcare, marketplaces and gaming, Hummingbird Ventures has already teamed up with disruptive companies, including Deliveroo, Showpad, Kraken, Peak Games, Clear2Pay, Amplidata, Gram Games, Shutl and many others.

The vc made money with successful exits from Clear2Pay (€375 million in 2014) and Engagor, amongst others. Hummingbird Ventures is headquartered in Antwerp and has offices in Turkey and The United Kingdom.

 As for the fresh capital of €80 million, neither investor(s) nor terms were disclosed.

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