The Leuven based healthcare startup LynxCare raises 1.2 million euro. The young company, that tracks and monitors patients for hospitals, also has someone working, in San Francisco.

The LynxCare software allows doctors to quickly and accurately review relevant patient information. Data that is distributed across different sources, is brought together and used to obtain useful insights for the patient, the doctor and the hospital. 

The healthcare startup had been funded earlier by Imec, Agfa and UZ Antwerp. Today, some banks, VC funds, PMV and VLAIO also invest about 1.2 million euro in the company.

The money serves to expand LynxCare's customer portfolio. At the moment, the company works for five Flemish hospitals, but Wallonia, France and the Netherlands are also on the 'to-do'-list. Recently a business manager, sponsored by the Prince Albert Fund, has started working for LynxCare in Silicon Valley.

The startup currently employs eleven people, and aims for a turnover of 600.000 to 800.000 euro this year. LynxCare is not yet profitable.