Hasselt-based startup Medianeut changed its name to Nurama. Moreover, the company is in the ongoing fundraising campaign. The goal is to raise 1,5M.

Founded in 2013 by Dennis Vangeneugden and Alexander Mazurek, Naruma operates in the advertising market and in print media. The company offers a software that allows to create content in three clicks “from any place – with any device – at any time”. This software can be used in any environment: retail, healthcare, real estate, banks, and so on. 

“Our platform translates customer behavior in shops into data”, explains Dennis Vangeneugden. “Based on these data, advertisers can send personalized messages, in the shop itself, but also online. We, and fortunately also quite some investors, strongly believe in Nurama."

Photo: Dennis Vangeneugden and Alexander Mazurek. Source: Made in Limburg

The new capital will help to reach new heights

Alongside the further support and development of the software, the company plans to invest in sales and marketing.