Menu Next Door just raised $2 million (€1.75 million) from Index Ventures, Local Globe, Kima Ventures and TheFamily.

The startup is all about home cooking, on Menu Next Door, you can either cook for people around you or buy a menu from someone around you. With this new money, Next Door Menu plans to continue its international development. After being launched in Paris and Brussels where it counts 110,000 users, they have just opened an office in London where its platform is active since Friday.

There are three key advantages in Menu Next Door’s business model. First, the startup doesn’t buy or cook food itself — the community does it all. Second, the startup doesn’t have to manage a fleet of delivery persons. That’s how Menu Next Door can compete on pricing as its operating costs are quite small. And third, like other marketplaces, Menu Next Door is going to get better as more cooks use the platform.

Right now, there are only a few dozen different menus in Paris every weekend. But if the startup can become ten times bigger, you’ll literally be able to find a menu next door.

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