Did you know that there was a so-called failure day in the Netherlands on May 3rd? Michèle Sioen kickstarted her talk with this surprising fact. She told the audience that ‘we created a world in which we are ashamed of our failures. As long as the so called failure doesn’t cost a panic attack, I’m not going to call it a failure.’

Michèle’s own experience with failure as CEO of Sioen Industries Group turned into a success when one of the company's buildings caught fire and the firm decided to rebuild it instead of just using the insurance money to repair it. Though starting all over seemed difficult, the new building was a big success. Want to know her advice on making hard choices and going the whole nine yards? Listen to her inspiring talk.

Check out our favourite highlights from Michèle Sioen's talk, illustrated by the talented Zsofi @zldrawings

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