From May 1st till May 5th, fifteen Belgian tech startups and scale-ups participate in a weeklong mission to Asia’s tech hub Singapore. The companies will experience first-hand what makes doing business in the city-state the best move into Asian markets. 

Can you make it as a Belgian startup in Southeast Asia? Yes, you can! The sky is the limit for entrepreneurs and businesses that are entering the market early with a product that can make money. The Southeast Asian region not only accounts for one billion consumers, English is the language of choice and the local markets are less saturated than those in the US and the EU. 

Meanwhile, Singapore has become the epicenter of it all. Increasingly, the city-state is considered as one of the world's most interesting tech hubs. Tiny Singapore has even overtaken tech Mecca Silicon Valley as the world’s number one magnet for global tech talent

This is no coincidence, because the government is doing everything to create an attractive business environment for digital entrepreneurs, and the number of Western startups that set up shop in Singapore is growing exponentially. 

The city is also the most important ‘smart nation’ in the world, with projects that go way further than anything you’ve seen in the US and in Europe. Moreover, the country is known throughout the world as the most prominent fintech hub in Asia. West of the city center, Singapore is building what will become one of the most advanced and technology-driven new ports in the world.   

Therefore, and key partner EYnovation chose to organize a mission to Singapore centered around I think ‘on’ is better the topics smart cities, fintech and logistics. This GoGlobal mission is also supported by Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), L'Agence wallonne à l'Exportation et aux Investissements étrangers (Awex), Brussels Invest & Export and B-Hive.

“Singapore resolutely directs its efforts to make the city and the port future proof towards IOT-solutions”, acknowledges CEO Jorik Rombouts of Rombit. “And Rombit develops technology that contributes to a more efficient and safer port. For us, this GoGlobal mission is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Singaporean market."

“The tiny country, that is very active in the field of urban mobility, is one of the global frontrunners in drone traffic management”, stresses CCO Jean-Pierre De Muyt from UniFly. “That’s why it makes perfect sense for us to join this mission. We will also be able to extend our network of partners in the region, and to hook up with all the major stakeholders.”

In total, 15 Belgian start-ups and scale-ups participate in this week-long mission. Next to Rombit and UniFly, also Awingu, Playpass, Wonderland, SettleMint, IOT Factory, T-Mining, Nexxworks, Brandfirst, SpringSyple, Onsophic, Gambit, Audience Advantage and Gnoothi make the effort to travel to the other side of the world. 

High-quality program 

The Belgian delegation will take part in the prestigious Innovfest Unbound conference being held in Singapore, and our startups and scale-ups will visit key IOT, fintech and logistics players (like port group PSA, Standard Chartered Bank and fintech startup of the year Bambu). 

With The Hub and Blk71 (Singtel Innov8), we’ have added two of the most influential startup hubs in Singapore to the program, and to top it all off the participating companies will be able to pitch before a jury of top investors from OGC Partners, Qualgro Asean Fund and Cocoon Capital Partners, amongst others. 

“The high-quality program of this GoGlobal Mission won us over”, admits CEO Walter Van Uytven from Awingu. “This and the fact that we are launching our company in Asia in a couple of weeks. As from July, Awingu will start conquering the South East Asian and the Indian markets, from our soon to be opened office in Singapore.”

“Brandfirst already relies on a strong commercial network in China, and wants to extend its business to Singapore and to South East Asia as well”, adds project manager François Goethals from Brandfirst

“As a major tech hub, Singapore is a great spot for our interactive technologies and experiences. By sharing our best practices, we hope to find partners that are willing to start their digital transformation with us.”

#TeamGoGlobal: meet the delegation

Awingu develops software to simplify enterprise mobility and liberate legacy applications. The software aggregates all company files and applications to one secure online workspace that can be accessed from any device or OS using any HTML5-based browser.

Audience Advantage offers next generation technology to enable sales, service meetings, brand communications, education. It provides stunning graphics, best-in-class workflows, real-time data and unprecedented metrics.

Brandfirst is mastering interactive gesture-based marketing solutions. We integrate real-time and motion controlled 3D imaging into tailor-made high-definition video walls. Beyond our excellence in gesture controlled software, we provide our clients the whole technical expertise in hardware material, on-site installation and after-sales remote support.

Gambit provides expertise and business solutions in Investment Advisory, Portfolio Optimization and Risk Management. Its objective is to support the financial community in serving their clients the way they expect to be served, in a relationship based on transparency, performance, simplicity and respect.

Gnoothi is a social feedback app that allows you to discover how your friends perceive you. Users can send tags to each other to give feedback and express what they think. Tags are predefined words that users can drag/swipe on someone's face. The top 6 tags you received appear publicly. You can afterwards hide a tag, tag someone back and even tag anonymously.

IOT Factory is the smart combination of a World class IOT platform and a Startup Studio. For IOT startups and projects it avoids reinventing the wheel and the risks associated with it. For investors, it assures them that their money will be spent on solving the customers problems in a safe and secure way.

Nexxworks helps companies regain the fluidity and radical innovation they lost as they grew. We inspire with the most radical innovations in your industry. We fire up your extreme customer centricity, with a double transformation: digital AND human. We jump-start the fluid connected networks you need to innovate internally. And we make sure the changes stick.

Onsophic provides a comprehensive software platform in the cloud designed to discover, assemble, deliver, analyze, and evolve the world’s learning materials, leading to improved learning outcomes. Key benefits include micro analytics and rapid course assembly.

Playpass enhances the user experience for the visitors of festivals and sports arenas. We provide powerful solutions for access control, cashless payment, accreditation and brand recognition.

Rombit is an IoT-solution provider dedicated to making your organisation futureproof. Quickly. Improve efficiency, safety, user-friendliness.

SettleMint supports organisations in understanding and benefiting from blockchain and adjacent technologies. Whether your organisation is looking to create efficiency gains, to extend existing products or services to new clients or to completely reinvent an existing business model from the ground up, SettleMint is your trusted partner.

SpringSyple makes recruitment quicker and easier than ever before. Our mission is to make this world smaller and easier for every human resources / recruitment professionals & job applicants with a range of automated job applications screening & motivation solutions.

T-Mining improves efficiency in logistics and transport by better data sharing and secure title transfer. For this T-mining fully advocates using blockchain technology.

UniFly is a software company that creates aviation-related solutions for drones and manned aviation. The Unifly cloud-based software platform enables the safe integration of drone traffic in the very-low-level airspace and tells drone pilots & operators where it is safe & legal to fly.

Elite is an AI learning platform where the most qualitative innovators and designers are crowdsourced with the greatest care. Elite was created by the start-up studio Wonderland, and by The Creative Network.