OpenTelly, developer of THEOplayer, the world's most comprehensive HTML5 based video player for streaming content on the web, has joined forces with Microsoft Azure Media Services to allow publishers and broadcasters to benefit from cloud flexibility as well as from easy and smooth streaming in HTML5 with THEOplayer.

THEOplayer, developed by the Leuven-based startup, is one of the world’s most comprehensive HTML5 HLS based video player for streaming content on the web. With THEOplayer, video publishers can use a single video player with a single streaming protocol to reach different popular platforms and devices.

THEOplayer supports HLS fully in HTML5 on popular Desktop and Mobile Web browsers. It completely removes the need for plug-ins such as Flash or Silverlight, or transcoding video content in multiple protocols, and dramatically simplifies distributing video content online.

OpenTelly recently showcased THEOplayer at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

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By Gabriela Fernández Scala