Orange Fab, the Group’s international accelerator network, is now open to startups based in Belgium and Luxembourg. Although the first edition is scheduled to open in September, the call for applications is already rolled out.

Created in 2012 and first launched its accelerator program in Silicon Valley, Orange Fab is the startup accelerator for Orange. Nowadays, the exclusive accelerator network is covering 14 countries including France, Jordan, Poland and Spain. Startups that are accelerated by Orange Fab have access to a truly global network of Orange with a foothold in local ecosystems.

As of May 2017, Orange Fab startup accelerator call is open to mature startups and scaleups based in Belgium and LuxembourgAfter the application and selection process - the accelerator is expected to open its doors in January 2018.

The mission of Orange Fab in Belgium and Luxembourg is to support locally relevant innovations through creating commercial partnerships between the startups and the Business Units of Orange.

It is a three-month program targeting startups coming from one of these 4 domains: IoT, network, content and intelligent. The selected startups will be offered specific support to accelerate their development in Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as internationally, leveraging the worldwide presence of Orange. The international Demo Day will take place in Paris.