For the third year in a row, challenged the stigma associated with failure by bringing together powerful testimonials and diverse speakers for a full day of inspiration.

On October 14th in The Egg Brussels, 18 seasoned speakers testified openly about the hardships they've faced in their road to success. We're thrilled to see so many voices offering the eager attendees several valuable take home messages: "set different goals", "the quitters will never win", "keep your mindset open", "cash is king", "sales must never be underestimated" and "solve one problem at the time" were just a few of the lessons learned.

From burnouts to fraud, this edition of [Failing Forward][1] surfed the hurdles of running a business from different points of view. This year's event also took the leap and included international testimonials, featuring guests speakers like Paul Carroll (you're welcome to [check out the entire line-up here][2])

Besides the keynotes, the conference also featured parallel sessions delivered in three different formats:

Power meetings: One-on-one speed dating with experienced entrepreneurs and experts

Clinic sessions: Sharing experiences and collective learning in a choice of topics such as "Startup Sales Mistakes", "Business Modelling Hacking" and "Accessing Untapped Capital: How to Secure Public Funds & Tax Incentives for your Startup"

LIFE Panel: Learning incrementally from failed entrepreneurship dusting themselves off and trying again.

You can have a look at the official pics of the event [here][3]

Failing Forward '15 - as it happened!

Great Inspirational Keynote from @marctri185 : the accident was able to break my back but not my goals #FailingFwd

By Gabriela Fernández Scala