On June 22nd, the Russia-EU Match-Making Event took place at Co.Station.

Thanks to the co-organisation of Startups.be and Russian-based ITMO University, the event was the perfect opportunity to identify and match business partners for high-tech startup companies. Special guests of the event included companies from Future Technologies Acceleration Program, recently launched by the ITMO University, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and investors from the Belgian startup Scene.

Who were on stage?

Russian Startups Alexandr Iakovlev, CEO at HRD-SS. Company produces protective high-refractive coatings for Bentons holograms on PET films. Andrei Drozdov, CEO at Aqua Magnetix. Company produces new magnetic nano-material that can be applied in medicine. Grigory Panov, Engineer at Colorit. Company offers a technology for laser-marking of metals, which can be used for protection against falsification of metal products and for decoration. Vadim Kotenev, CMO at RehaBot. Company works in the area of rehabilitation of after-stroke patients, their product helps patients to recover their motor skills faster. Anna Aleshanova, CTO at FindME+. Company offers a test-system for detection of metal ions in water. The system includes a polymeric material that changes color depending upon the particular metal ion concentration in water. Anton Belik, CEO at Pyrobox. Company offers a secure router with VPN, TOR, attack detection and adware/malware blocking. Zoya Meleshkova, CMO at ELScooter. Company produces the lightest fully equipped urban e-scooters, that go from one place to another in a fast, easy and environment-friendly manner. Alexandr Eletskiy, CTO at Gcover. Company produces a cover highlighting the notes on the guitar, which allows to self-learn playing guitar. Dmitriy Zamaruev, CEO at Brelock. The technology allows you to unlock doors with your phone remotely, without taking it out of your pocket. Pavel Burak, CEO at InNavi. Company has developed a system for navigation inside a building and for collecting data about user routes indoors.

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