The French food services and facilities management multinational joins forces with a Flemish expense management startup Xpenditure.

Xpenditure offers an easy-to-use expense management solution that fits the needs of entrepreneurs, growing teams and enterprises. The company has already multiple users worldwide, plus offices in Amsterdam, London, Mechelen, New York and Sao Paolo.

It’s paperless expense management system will help to enhance Sodexo’s position in the growing expense market.

As for Xpenditure, one of the most important outcomes of the acquisition is a substantial enlargement of the client base and access to a wide network of the French multinational.

Photo: Founders Wim Derkinderen and Boris Bogaert © Emy Elleboog. Source: De Tijd

"By partnering with Sodexo, we will instantly become a global player. Today, we have several international clients (such as Miele and Deloitte), but mostly Belgian clients, such as Brussels Airlines and Medialaan (VTM, Qmusic). Now we have access to the 500,000 companies worldwide that are clients at Sodexo. " says Boris Bogaerts co-founder of Xpenditure.

In spite of the acquisition, Xpenditure will continue to be based in Mechelen and operate under its name

Boris Bogaerts elaborates more on future plans, 'Mechelen remains our base. Now we have 50 employees, mainly programmers and salespeople. In a year we will probably have 100 people employed. We remain independent and work under our own name in Mechelen."