Sparkcentral, the leading digital customer communications platform, has got the $20M investment under its belt. The venture round, that aims to support the successful international expansion of the company, was led by the Limburg Investment Company, LRM NV. Group MC, Split Rock Partners and Jackson Square Ventures have also participated in the investment. The venture round is essential to boost the growth of Sparkcentral in the EMEA region, promote product innovation, and contribute to the expansion of the global team. 

The rise of the digital customer relationship
"Companies would seek to meet the evolving needs of their "mobile-first" customer base," claims Davy Kestens, CEO of Sparkcentral . This market is expecting to be worth $17.92 billion by 2019. "Companies that do business with us, recognize that customers today, especially young people, expect to use their modern digital communication channels to resolve service problems by themselves, instead of calling a company for it," continues Davy Kestens. "The challenge to radically change the service strategies of the world's biggest brands is very fascinating! In our opinion, the market for offering complete mobile customer services is fully open."

The global growth potential and its local impact
In the coming months, Sparkcentral expects to expand its customer base by attracting global brands even more. These companies are motivated to evolve their current customer offerings and want to renew the way they currently communicate with customers. They realise that the traditional method no longer supports the way consumers want to interact with companies today.
"LRM is an existing shareholder of Sparkcentral has additionally invested $10M in them, because we believe in the growth potential of this business," says Stijn Bijnens, CEO of LRM. " Sparkcentral is a top player in a rapidly growing digital market. With this investment, the company will have sufficient resources to further strengthen its position in Europe and Asia. The European headquarters of Sparkcentral at Corda Campus in Hasselt is also a great opportunity to anchor an international company in Limburg."

New Challenges
This year, Sparkcentral received the 2016 CODiE Award for The Best Customer Service Solution. Moreover, it substantially enriched it customer base with new brands, like Zappos, Direct Energy, Francesca's, Goodbaby, Qdoba and Slack. And that's beside renowned brands like T-Mobile, WestJet, Uber, Discover, Netflix, Delta Air Lines, Emirates and Western Union that have been already long-term customers of Sparkcentral. The main company's challenges are geared at launching Sparkcentral’s support for secure messages within mobile apps: Facebook Messenger and WeChat. Another important pillar of the company's growth is the release of the centralised customer identification capabilities, that will be first in the industry.