SpotCrowd joins the Techstars Retail accelerator this summer in Minneapolis for 3 months of boosting their business, capped off by Demo Day on October 11th. "It’s a great honour! We are just the second Belgian startup admitted to Techstars," proudly says SpotCrowd co-founder Roderick Lindner.

Founded in 2014 by Alexander Siera, Roderick Lindner and Johnny G. Mills, SpotCrowd was one of the startups supported through iMinds’ iStart Business Incubation Program and Start It @KBC accelerator. It is an online security platform that stops shoplifting by using the crowd (i.e. Spotters) & existing IP-cameras. 

A Spotter can be anyone with an internet connection, swiping through thousands of live camera streams, earning money by detecting shoplifters. This process is leveraged via the SpotCrowd's machine learning algorithms. When a thief is registered, SpotCrowd systems send an encrypted message to the respective store, so they can intervene immediately.

“SpotCrowd guarantees consumer privacy”, emphasizes co-founder Roderick Lindner. 

"The camera images are completely anonymous and the faces are blurred thanks to our specialized software. No single customer in any store is recognizable. The technology behind SpotCrowd has no limits, anyone at the other end of the world can screen perfect camera images from Belgium or vice versa. That makes our startup extremely scalable, one of the reasons why Techstars has selected us.”

Techstars is the Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed.

While in Minneapolis this summer, 10 selected startups coming from as near as Minneapolis and as far as Belgium will have access to a range of mentors, who will provide valuable advice to foster the startups’ growth and development. More than 150 mentors have once again signed up to mentor this year’s Techstars Retail group. The 3-month accelaration programme will be capped off by Demo Day on October 11th.

SpotCrowd is off on a new adventure, "Yes we made it! So excited, thrilled and curious...!" admits Roderick Lindner. "With Target as the main sponsor of this intensive program, we are directly in contact with one of North America's leading retailers in order get in touch with the US market.”