Energy efficiency is not the “sexiest” of terms of all, nevertheless we all understand the immense importance of preserving energy and reducing our consumption to save the resources of our planet.

How can you do that daily, though? It’s easier than you think!

A European team convened and assembled valuable sources to learn from. START2ACT project targets young companies, SMEs and startups alike, to provide them with tools to become more energy-friendly in their daily business. Business breakfasts, mentoring, workshops and e-learning opportunities are on offer for anyone interested – free of charge.

So, what can I do to reduce our consumption in the office? There are many ways you can engage with the project:

- Use the online knowledge base of the project website

- Engage “offline” – look for our mentoring sessions where we present the project and help you understand how you can save on your usage

- You can find us at Tech Startup Day in the Startup Village!

- Check the E-learning lessons

Also, if you feel like doing something good for the environment with a small act, participate in the Winter Challenge!

Take part in the START2ACT Winter Challenge for a chance to win an Amazon Echo (Alexa enabled). It takes just 5 minutes to enter!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 696069